Club Spirit Award

Each year, the MBK committee may nominate someone within the club who we believe embodies the best of us – not in relation to their skill in their chosen art but in their generousity of spirit and contribution to the health and growth of the club. Below is a list of all previous recipients of this award; persons in bold have been recipients more than once.

2021 Claire Rippon, Kristine Ventura

2020 Kristine Ventura, Mariana Millares, Chris Goletsos, Harry Chow

2019 Kristine Ventura

2018 Kumie Dawkins

2017 Emily Jackman

2016 Claire Heckel

2015 Emily Jackman, Peter Lee

2014 Ellen Wong, Paul Bserani, Steve Flahavin

2013 Reuben Barnett

2012 Richard Britten

2011 Vedran Hadzihalilovic

2010 Rachel Lee, Harry Shinoda, Steve Flahavin

2009 Richard Britten, Katie Marx, Kuan Bartel

2008 Paul Bserani, Steve Flahavin, Ben Jackson

2007 Tony Corrigan, Chris Goletsos

2006 Claire Chan, Brendan Frost

2005 Paul Bserani

2004 Vui Tung Mau

2003 Andrea Juresko

2002 Vui Tung Mau, Anthony Pickering

2001 Marcus Lee-Steere

2000 Anthony Pickering, Airlie Worrall

1999 Jason Anderson, Lee Harvison

1998 Kate Sylvester, Simon McPherson

1997 Michael Main

1996 Claire Chan, Richard Ward

1995 Diane Lovrin, Matthew Read

1994 Claire Chan

1993 Peter Hocking

1992 Richard Ward

1991 Kenichi Ishihara

1990 Terry Sands