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Nagae & Otsuka Taikais 

Saturday The 12th July 2014 @ Kenshikan 


Greetings One And All!!

As you know the 24th Otsuka Taikai and the 7th Nagae Taikai were held last Saturday the 12th of July 2014.  

The day was a great success thanks to everyone who attended and helped. 

Congratulations goes to the follow competitors:


Nagae Taikai:

Winner - Kaz Kimura (MBK)

Runner Up - Kenji Sugimoto (MUKEN)

3rd Place - Hiroshi Yoshinaga (MBK)

Otsuka Taikai:

Winners - Team 2 - Duncan Pilcher (Fudoshin), Jularaj Suthibutr (MUKEN) and Hoey Goh (Monash)

Runners Up - Team 9 - Faiz Jais (MUKEN), Lachlan Webb (Ballarat) and Trent Reeve (Monash)


Fighting Spirit Award - Vivian Thang (Monash)

 All the matches were of a high standard and they kept the spectators riveted.  Some of the matches were particularly exciting, 
for example the final of the Nagae Taikai and the final match of the final of the Otsuka Taikai. 

They were great matches.  Well done to all of the competitors!! 

A big thank you goes to all the people who helped with the running of the taikais and also with the setup of the dojo. 
No matter how small the help was - it all added up to a successful day. 
There are far too many people to mention and I know if I tried I'll forget several people....you know who you are.


Thank you to the senseis and the senior kendoka who were shinpans, etc.  We all know that without them the taikais are not possible. 
The concentration and fairness they exhibit is incredible.  So thank you to all those who were shinpans.

At the end of the closing ceremony, it was great to see everyone help with packing up all the equipment. 
This allowed for the goodwill keiko to commence soon after the closing ceremony.  So thank you to everyone who help with the packing up.

Thank you also goes to everyone who competed, helped with the demos and who were just there to watch and cheer on.

It was a great team effort by everyone.

At this year's event, we were honoured to have Mr. Kiyotaka Otsuka (one of Mr. Kenshiro Otsuka's great grandson's)
and Mr. Bungo Futagawa (who assisted with the acquisition and setup of Kenshikan) attend. 
Both had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed the taikais and demos.  Both are looking forward to next year's event.

Next year's Otsuka Taikai will be the 25th.  Therefore, it's important that people keep the date (once it's determined) free. 
We will be hoping for a bigger and better taikai.

Once again thank you to all those who helped, competed and attended the wonderful day. 

Cheers and take care.

Paul Bserani

Secretary Melbourne Budokai





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