Dojo Clutter cleanup

28 Mar 2017 8:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings MBK Member!!


Over the last few weeks shinais have been misplaced, taken accidently and basically left lying around….and so have been a few other things….like drink bottles….  Therefore, it’s been decided that a clean-up of the dojo is required.


Over the month of April, everyone is asked to remove all their shinais, water bottles and other stuff that cannot be stored in their bogu area.  This includes personal belongings in the change rooms.  At the end of April, any shinais, water bottles, etc., will be collected and disposed of.


There are lots of shinais left lying around in the kitchen, the back storeroom, near the fire hydrant, near the money tin, between the bogu racks and in the middle front office.  They all will be cleaned out.  So will any water bottles left in the kitchen, fridge and the dojo area.  Shampoo bottles in the change rooms that aren’t claimed will also be cleaned out.


If you are unable to take your shinais with you and would like to leave it at the dojo during the clean-up period, please let me know.  I will find a location for you to store your shinais.  That said, I would expect your shinais to be in a shinai bag with your name clearly on it.


Once the dojo and the change rooms have been cleared of the clutter, people can once again use the nominated areas to store their shinais.  There are only two areas where shinais can be stored – in the kitchen area between the fridge and the window and in the bin in the rear storeroom.  Shinais cannot be stored next to the fire hydrant, the money tin, between the bogu racks, etc.  During training sessions people can leave their shinai bags in those locations, but they must be cleared once training is over.


Our senseis tell us that the way we look is very important.  And so it is with the dojo, the way it looks is important.  As it is your responsibility to ensure that you look good, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the dojo looks good.


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.


Cheers and thanks in advance.


Paul Bserani

Secretary Melbourne Budokai

Melbourne Budokai & Kenshikan Dojo
91 Rosslyn Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003

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