results from 2015 Victorian Kendo Championships

21 Aug 2015 11:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings MBK Member!!

What a great weekend….what a great championship!! 
If you weren’t able to make it then you missed out on some great and exciting Kendo displayed by all those who competed – and I’m not talking about just the MBK members either!  Every MBK member who competed did so with great spirit and distinction.

It was great to see many MBK members there to support all those who competed – particularly those who competed for the first time at the VKCs.  

There were also many who helped with the event itself.  

Being one of the several people involved with the VKCs, it made me proud to be a MBK member seeing the competitive spirit and the helping spirit shown by those MBK members who competed and helped with the championship.  

It showed their dedication to their training and to help.  

Everyone should be just as proud as I am.

From me, a big and sincere thank you to everyone who helped make the championships a great and exciting one….though I have to say there were moments when my heart nearly stopped due to the tension.

Below are the results of the various events held, and as you can see, the majority featured MBK members.

Men's Kyu Individuals

1st Place - N. Evans (SA)

2nd Place - B. Jefferson (BAL)

Equal 3rd - S. Segodin (SA) and L. Webb (BAL)

Women's Kyu Individuals

1st Place - C. O'Mara (MAL)

2nd Place - N. Bonggotgetsakul (MUKEN)

Equal 3rd - C. Heckel (MBK) and M. Santuccio (MBK)

Women’s Dan Individuals

1st Place - J. Tran (MBK)

2nd Place - N. Matsumoto (MBK)

Equal 3rd - S. Uematsu (FUD) and C. Lim (MON)

Men’s Dan Individuals

1st Place - K.Y. Jeong (MUKEN)

2nd Place - W. Wright (MBK)

Equal 3rd - K. Sugimoto (MUKEN) and T. Reeve (MUM)

Veteran’s Individuals

1st Place - R. Hikima (MBK)

2nd Place - N. Matsumoto (MBK)

Equal 3rd - E. Lee (MBK) and J. Sakamoto (MUM)

Kata Pairs

1st Place - MBK (A)

R. Barnett

S. Corrigan

2nd Place - MBK (B)

N. Matsumoto

K. Marx

Women's Kyu Team

1st Place - MUKEN

C. Low

N. Bonggotgetsakul

M. Chandranath

2nd Place - MBK

A. Yeung

C. Heckel

M. Santuccio

Men's Kyu Team

1st Place - MUKEN (A)

S. Day

M. Yeung

H.D. Nguyen

H.Y. Pay

J. Shen

2nd Place - SA

S. Segodin

J. Foster

N. Evans

B. Thompson

J. Matthews

Women's Open Team

1st Place - MBK

J. Tran

K. Marx

N. Matsumoto

2nd Place - MON

E. Li

H. Goh

C. Lim

Men's Open Team

1st Place - MBK (A)

S. Corrigan

S. Moon

K. Kimura

R. Hikima

W. Wright

2nd Place - MUKEN (A)

R. T'en

K. Sugimoto

K.Y. Jeong

J. Suthibutr

S. Nguyen

Fighting Spirit Awards

L. Webb (BAL)

C. Heckel (MBK)

S. Uematsu (FUD)

R. T'en (MUKEN)

A big thank you goes to our senseis and senior members who, as always, help with our kendo journey by sharing their knowledge and experience.  This support coupled with the dedication to their training helped MBK members achieve the results they did.  

It doesn’t matter whether someone was successful or not, the spirit shown was exemplary.

Just in case you haven’t already seen this, below is a message that Steve Flahavin posted on the Melbourne Budokai Facebook site:

Melbourne Budokai had some very successful results at this weekend’s Victorian Kendo Championships.


Congratulations to our winners, runners-up, place getters and competitors. Some reaped the rewards for their efforts, some didn't but EVERYONE did their best and should be proud of their efforts.


Special Thanks to our Team Captains, Will Wright and Noriko Matsumoto.


Also, I would like to express my appreciation to our corps of volunteers who helped make the events run so well


Thank you


Steve Flahavin

President, MBK

Although the VKCs have come and gone, that is not the end for 2015.  There are still the training sessions and up-coming gradings for kendo, Iaido and naginata!  Plus, there’s still the Mumeishi 3s early in December.

Thank you, good luck and happy training everyone!

Paul Bserani

Secretary Melbourne Budokai

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West Melbourne VIC 3003

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