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  • 08 Apr 2017 10:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings MBK Member!!


    From now on….or until otherwise stated….the Kendo Basics sessions will be held on Monday nights only – there will be no Friday night sessions.  

    As usual they will start at 7:00pm so be at the dojo by 6:30pm to get yourself ready and to do your own warm up.


    There will not be a session on Easter Monday.


    There won’t be any notifications regarding the Kendo Basics session unless there is a change.  So please assume it’s on.


    Also, every first Thursday and last Thursday of the month will now be comprised of Kata and then Keiko.


    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Have a great weekend….and Easter!


    Cheers and see y’all at the dojo.


    Paul Bserani

    Secretary Melbourne Budokai

  • 28 Mar 2017 8:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings MBK Member!!


    Over the last few weeks shinais have been misplaced, taken accidently and basically left lying around….and so have been a few other things….like drink bottles….  Therefore, it’s been decided that a clean-up of the dojo is required.


    Over the month of April, everyone is asked to remove all their shinais, water bottles and other stuff that cannot be stored in their bogu area.  This includes personal belongings in the change rooms.  At the end of April, any shinais, water bottles, etc., will be collected and disposed of.


    There are lots of shinais left lying around in the kitchen, the back storeroom, near the fire hydrant, near the money tin, between the bogu racks and in the middle front office.  They all will be cleaned out.  So will any water bottles left in the kitchen, fridge and the dojo area.  Shampoo bottles in the change rooms that aren’t claimed will also be cleaned out.


    If you are unable to take your shinais with you and would like to leave it at the dojo during the clean-up period, please let me know.  I will find a location for you to store your shinais.  That said, I would expect your shinais to be in a shinai bag with your name clearly on it.


    Once the dojo and the change rooms have been cleared of the clutter, people can once again use the nominated areas to store their shinais.  There are only two areas where shinais can be stored – in the kitchen area between the fridge and the window and in the bin in the rear storeroom.  Shinais cannot be stored next to the fire hydrant, the money tin, between the bogu racks, etc.  During training sessions people can leave their shinai bags in those locations, but they must be cleared once training is over.


    Our senseis tell us that the way we look is very important.  And so it is with the dojo, the way it looks is important.  As it is your responsibility to ensure that you look good, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the dojo looks good.


    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.


    Cheers and thanks in advance.


    Paul Bserani

    Secretary Melbourne Budokai

  • 20 Mar 2017 7:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings MBK Member!!


    Here is an updated 2017 Melbourne Budokai Calendar with the recently announced Shinpan Seminars and several other events.


    2017 MBK Calendar - On 1 A3 Sheet.pdf

    The important upcoming MBK events are:


    Sunday 2nd April – End of Daylight Savings (not a MBK event but one still worth noting)

    Saturday 8th April – MBK Club Dinner (not many spots left)

    14th-19th April – 42nd Australian Kendo Championships/Seminar/Kendo Grading in Canberra (not a MBK event but one still worth noting)

    Sunday 23rd April – Dojo clean-up after Kendo training (we all have to help keep it clean)

    Sunday 28th May – Melbourne Budokai Annual General Meeting (this year is a voting year for positions on the committee so it’s a very important event – an email will be sent out soon with all the details, etc.) and Dojo clean-up

    June – MBK/VKR/AKR Membership Renewals

    Sunday 25th June – Dojo clean-up after Kendo training (we all have to help keep it clean)

    Friday 14th July – Dojo preparations for the Otsuka Taikai

    Saturday 15th July - Otsuka Taikai (in honour of Kenshiro Otsuka and it commemorates the opening of the Kenshikan Dojo)

    12th-13th August – Victorian Kendo Championships

    11th-20th August – Club trip to Hawaii (visit to Kenshikan in Hawaii – last year’s trip was great….and lots of fun!)


    As we get closer to these and other events, notifications will be sent out.  That said, please keep the calendar close by and update your own personal calendar to ensure you don’t miss any of the important events!


    There will be an updated hardcopy of the calendar on the notice board as always and of course it’ll be on the club’s website.


    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Cheers and take care.


    Paul Bserani

    Secretary Melbourne Budokai

  • 24 Jan 2016 5:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Message to All Victorian Kendo club members from Melbourne Budokai

    Visit and Kendo Seminar  

    13th February to 16th February 2016

    Melbourne Budokai is very pleased to announce that in February 2016 we will be hosting a visit to Melbourne by two very high ranking senseis from Tokyo.

    They are both very well known and have visited Melbourne previously.

    OZAWA Hiroshi          Sensei (8th Dan Kyoshi)  
    OKADA Morimasa       Sensei (8th Dan Kyoshi).

    They will also be joined by two other Sensei

    FURUSAWA Nobuaki

    NAKAJIMA Fumiko

    The program of events will be as follows

    Saturday          13th February   Keiko Session for 1 hour         Kenshikan Dojo          

    Sunday          14th February FULL DAY SEMINAR           Kenshikan Dojo         

    Monday           15th February     Evening Keiko                     MUKEN

    Tuesday           16th February     Evening Keiko                    Fudoshin

    The seminar is open to everyone to attend but there MAY be restrictions in relation to lower Kyu grades if the overall numbers are too high to safely accommodate everyone.

    A decision will be only be made based on the overall number attending on the day.

    The Seminar schedule, cost, and other information for their visit is currently being finalised and will be distributed when ready

    Additionally, please be aware there will be dinners after each day’s practice but that numbers will be limited so you will need to be quick to ensure your name is down when called for

    I hope you can take this great opportunity to train and learn from these high ranking senseis whilst they are here.

    Best regards

    Steve Flahavin

    President MBK

  • 21 Aug 2015 11:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings MBK Member!!

    What a great weekend….what a great championship!! 
    If you weren’t able to make it then you missed out on some great and exciting Kendo displayed by all those who competed – and I’m not talking about just the MBK members either!  Every MBK member who competed did so with great spirit and distinction.

    It was great to see many MBK members there to support all those who competed – particularly those who competed for the first time at the VKCs.  

    There were also many who helped with the event itself.  

    Being one of the several people involved with the VKCs, it made me proud to be a MBK member seeing the competitive spirit and the helping spirit shown by those MBK members who competed and helped with the championship.  

    It showed their dedication to their training and to help.  

    Everyone should be just as proud as I am.

    From me, a big and sincere thank you to everyone who helped make the championships a great and exciting one….though I have to say there were moments when my heart nearly stopped due to the tension.

    Below are the results of the various events held, and as you can see, the majority featured MBK members.

    Men's Kyu Individuals

    1st Place - N. Evans (SA)

    2nd Place - B. Jefferson (BAL)

    Equal 3rd - S. Segodin (SA) and L. Webb (BAL)

    Women's Kyu Individuals

    1st Place - C. O'Mara (MAL)

    2nd Place - N. Bonggotgetsakul (MUKEN)

    Equal 3rd - C. Heckel (MBK) and M. Santuccio (MBK)

    Women’s Dan Individuals

    1st Place - J. Tran (MBK)

    2nd Place - N. Matsumoto (MBK)

    Equal 3rd - S. Uematsu (FUD) and C. Lim (MON)

    Men’s Dan Individuals

    1st Place - K.Y. Jeong (MUKEN)

    2nd Place - W. Wright (MBK)

    Equal 3rd - K. Sugimoto (MUKEN) and T. Reeve (MUM)

    Veteran’s Individuals

    1st Place - R. Hikima (MBK)

    2nd Place - N. Matsumoto (MBK)

    Equal 3rd - E. Lee (MBK) and J. Sakamoto (MUM)

    Kata Pairs

    1st Place - MBK (A)

    R. Barnett

    S. Corrigan

    2nd Place - MBK (B)

    N. Matsumoto

    K. Marx

    Women's Kyu Team

    1st Place - MUKEN

    C. Low

    N. Bonggotgetsakul

    M. Chandranath

    2nd Place - MBK

    A. Yeung

    C. Heckel

    M. Santuccio

    Men's Kyu Team

    1st Place - MUKEN (A)

    S. Day

    M. Yeung

    H.D. Nguyen

    H.Y. Pay

    J. Shen

    2nd Place - SA

    S. Segodin

    J. Foster

    N. Evans

    B. Thompson

    J. Matthews

    Women's Open Team

    1st Place - MBK

    J. Tran

    K. Marx

    N. Matsumoto

    2nd Place - MON

    E. Li

    H. Goh

    C. Lim

    Men's Open Team

    1st Place - MBK (A)

    S. Corrigan

    S. Moon

    K. Kimura

    R. Hikima

    W. Wright

    2nd Place - MUKEN (A)

    R. T'en

    K. Sugimoto

    K.Y. Jeong

    J. Suthibutr

    S. Nguyen

    Fighting Spirit Awards

    L. Webb (BAL)

    C. Heckel (MBK)

    S. Uematsu (FUD)

    R. T'en (MUKEN)

    A big thank you goes to our senseis and senior members who, as always, help with our kendo journey by sharing their knowledge and experience.  This support coupled with the dedication to their training helped MBK members achieve the results they did.  

    It doesn’t matter whether someone was successful or not, the spirit shown was exemplary.

    Just in case you haven’t already seen this, below is a message that Steve Flahavin posted on the Melbourne Budokai Facebook site:

    Melbourne Budokai had some very successful results at this weekend’s Victorian Kendo Championships.


    Congratulations to our winners, runners-up, place getters and competitors. Some reaped the rewards for their efforts, some didn't but EVERYONE did their best and should be proud of their efforts.


    Special Thanks to our Team Captains, Will Wright and Noriko Matsumoto.


    Also, I would like to express my appreciation to our corps of volunteers who helped make the events run so well


    Thank you


    Steve Flahavin

    President, MBK

    Although the VKCs have come and gone, that is not the end for 2015.  There are still the training sessions and up-coming gradings for kendo, Iaido and naginata!  Plus, there’s still the Mumeishi 3s early in December.

    Thank you, good luck and happy training everyone!

    Paul Bserani

    Secretary Melbourne Budokai

  • 09 Aug 2015 10:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings MBK Member!!

    Well, we are less than a week away from the Victorian Kendo Championships.  

    If you’ve informed me that you’d like to compete and have yet to pay the entry fee please do so in the next day or two.  

    You can transfer the fee to MBK’s bank account.  

    The bank details are as follows:

    Bank: National Australia Bank

    Account Name: Melbourne Budokai (Kenshikan Dojo) Inc

    BSB No: 083-004

    Account No: 51 748 2196

    Please let me know if you do so I can cross you off the list of “yet to pay”.

    Earlier this afternoon, after the VKR delegates meeting, I was informed that if a competitor does not have a compliant nafuda (zekken) they will not be allowed to compete.  Nafudas with tape covering an existing name, etc, will not be allowed.  

    The attached information handout has this spelled out in number 4 under conditions of entry.  It refers to the AKR rules and diagram regarding the nafuda.  

    These can be found at 

    It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have a compliant nafuda.  

    If you are unsure if you have one please let me know.

    The organisers of the VKCs are still looking for volunteers to help with the event.  

    As mentioned in a previous email, even if you’re competing, once your event had finished and you’re able to help, please do so.

    This coming Friday (14th August) the organisers will be transporting the required equipment that is currently stored at Kenshikan to the venue, and then they’ll be setting up the venue (see the attached information handout for the venue details).  

    Again, as mentioned in a previous email, they will be requiring help with the loading of the equipment and then the setup of the venue.  

    We will be meeting at Kenshikan at 5:15pm to load the van and to transport the equipment.  Due to having one van, two trips will be required.  

    Therefore, lots of hands (and bodies) will be required  to help at Kenshikan AND the venue.  Please come and help if you’re available.  

    Of course after the championships have concluded on Sunday afternoon, what was setup must be destroyed and returned to Kenshikan….

    Due to the championships, next Sunday’s training will not be held.  

    Members are encouraged to come and support their fellow MBK members who will be competing next Saturday and Sunday.  Entry is free so please let your family, friends and work colleagues know.

    I look forward to seeing you next weekend and if not, then during the week.

    Cheers and take care.

    PS. Good luck to all those who will be competing….and helping….

  • 12 Jun 2015 9:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     Greetings MBK Member!!

    Well it's that time of the year - membership renewal time!

    At the MBK AGM that was held on Sunday the 19th of April 2015, there was a proposal by the MBK committee about the introduction of a MBK membership card that contained a photo for the new membership year.  The members at the AGM agreed to the proposal.

    Therefore, you are required to provide a passport sized photo with your membership renewal form to be used on your membership card.  The link below will enable you to print your own photos. 

    Attached is the updated Membership Renewal form to MBK/VKR/AKR and ANF/VNR for the year from the 1st of July 2015 until the 30th of June 2016.


    Please fill it in and have it, your photo and your membership renewal fee paid by NO LATER than Thursday the 18th of June 2015.  Unfortunately the VKR have requested all clubs to have their renewals in by the 21st of June 2015 and Ellen (the MBK Membership secretary) will require some time to collate all the information.  Hence the deadline that has been set. 

    As usual, there are be copies of this form at the dojo for you to fill in

    Payment of the renewal fee can be made via bank transfer. 

    Below are MBK’s bank details:


    Bank: National Australia Bank

    Account Name: Melbourne Budokai (Kenshikan Dojo) Inc

    BSB No: 083-004

    Account No: 51 748 2196


    If you do decide to do a transfer, please ensure that the transaction reference clearly includes your name and that it's for your membership renewal.  You are still required to fill in the attached renewal form to confirm your details and to provide a photo.  Full time students must also show a valid student id card.

    Please let me know if you have any questions relating to this.

    Your prompt response will be most appreciated as we wouldn't want MBK to be one of the last clubs to forward their membership details.


    Also, if you're not intending on renewing your membership then please let either myself or Ellen know so we don't chase you up for it.  A reason would also be nice to have.

    BTW It's important that all Kendo/Iaido/Jodo members are familiar with the membership requirements of the AKR when it comes to competitions and gradings.  This is detailed in the following PDF document -

    Please read section 1.4 of this document if you're not already familiar with this as it may influence your decision as to whether you renew your membership now or at a later point.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    Paul Bserani

    Secretary Melbourne Budokai


  • 21 Apr 2015 9:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Melbourne Budokai held its Annual General Meeting on last Sunday 19th April 2015

    Being an election year a new Committee of Management was approved and voted in.

    Given that all positions received a single nomination each the nominees were voted in uncontested.

    I am pleased to advise that the new committee officeholders are ;

    President: Stephen Flahavin

    Vice-President: Dennis Tjong

    Secretary: Paul Bserani

    Treasurer: Claire Chan

    Membership: Ellen Wong

    Armourer: Nadim Sawaya
    Member: Hannah Lee

    Club Spirit Award was awarded to 3 people
    Ellen Wong, Paul Bserani, Steve Flahavin

    I would like to thank everyone who participated in the AGM and a big thankyou to Ms Angela Yeung for providing lunch on the day

  • 10 Feb 2015 7:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings MBK Member!!

    Melbourne Budokai has been requested to perform a Kendo demonstration at a Japanese Festival that Swinburne University will be holding.  They have a group of Japanese students from Tamagawa University studying there for a year.  As part of their program they have arranged for the students to host a mini-Japan festival on Wednesday the 25th of March 2015 on campus at Swinburne.  The aim is for the students to promote Japan as a study destination to Australian students and to foster cross-cultural exchange.  The festival will be held from 12:00pm until 3:00pm.  They are looking at catering for 300 people during the festival.

    Therefore I’m looking for around 4 people to assist with the demo.  

    The details are as follows:

    Swinburne University of Technology

    Hawthorn Campus

    John St Hawthorn

    Starting time: 1:30pm or 2:00pm

    Duration: 30 minutes.

    Please let me know if you’re available to help.  This is a great opportunity to prompt the club and to help with the cross cultural exchange between Japan and Australia.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    Paul Bserani

    Secretary Melbourne Budokai

  • 01 Feb 2015 10:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Our club secretary (and resident photographer) Paul Bserani has been able to put together the video of the Dojo floor reconstruction carried out in late 2011. It has been up on our Facebook page for a few days but for those MBK members (and others ) without Facebook we have attached the file below for you to view.

    It can also be found in the Kenshikan Reconstruction project page elsewhere on our website



    Video Time Lapse of MBK floor construction


    I will let Paul tell the story....
    How do you construct a timber floor for a Kendo Dojo in less than 3 minutes? Watch these videos!!
    Way back in 2008, discussions started regarding the upgrade of the timber floor at Melbourne Budokai (MBK). The dojo's timber floor had been constructed just prior to when the dojo first open in July 1990. After many years of use, it started to deteriorate.
    It was decided that MBK will start a fund raising campaign for a project to upgrade the dojo's floor. A special fundraising account was setup in 2009 and the club started to raise money.

    Thanks to the hard work and generous donations of many people, other clubs and organisations, by the end of 2010, there were sufficient funds for the MBK committee to seriously start looking at upgrading the floor.
    Szwarcbord Sensei enquired about the timber needed, and he and Yano Sensei started discussions with Shiina Sensei from Japan about the construction of the floor.
    After much organising, the New Zealand pine needed for the floor and other things required for the construction of a new dojo floor were purchased and the start date was set! It was decided that November 2011 will be when the construction would commence. It was estimated that it would take a few weeks to construct.

    Delivery of the first lot of timber to the dojo was done on the 4th of November 2011. Construction started on the 7th of November 2011 and finished on the 9th of December 2011. There was a big clean-up of the dojo on the 10th of December 2011 and the dojo re-opened for normal training on the 11th of December 2011.

    It was a great effort by everyone involved in the project and a big thanks goes to them – there are far too many people to mention here.

    To create the attached video of the construction of the floor, I setup my camera in a corner of the dojo (where the small statue of Kenshiro Otsuka stands - for those who are familiar with the dojo). Using a timer, it was programmed to take a photo every few minutes throughout the day. The time between photos was varied depending on the activity for that day.
    Each morning, on my way to work, I went to the dojo to start the camera to take the photos. At the end of the day, on my way home, again I went to the dojo, stopped the camera and removed the CF card containing the photos to download them. The camera was left in exactly the same spot. The CF card was inserted back in the camera the following morning. The video consists of 1507 photos and runs for 2 minutes and 30 seconds!

    Paul Bserani
    Secretary Melbourne Budokai
    Hi Folks.

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