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  • Tora Dojo Melbourne invites you to "The Melbourne Kendo Cup"

Tora Dojo Melbourne invites you to "The Melbourne Kendo Cup"

  • 20 Oct 2017
  • 22 Oct 2017
  • Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Albert Park

The Tora Dojo Melbourne invites you to :

The Melbourne Kendo Cup 2017.

The Melbourne Kendo Cup is a goodwill competition open to all AKR/FIK members and aims to bring together teams from across Australia, Oceania, and Asia. The tournament is modelled on the internationally successful “The London Cup,” which is organised and managed each year by the members of our sister club, Tora Dojo London.

This event, spread over two days, has individual men’s and women’s shiai, plus an open five person tournament. Whether you are a high level competitor seeking a new challenge, or a beginner looking for a new experience and a good weekend of kendo, you are warmly welcome.

If you are interested in competing please register directly at:

Payments to be made on the day of competition

Costs per person (A$): $30 each for individual event, $20 each for team event ($100 per team).

Tournament Summary

Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre, Albert Park (see venue information)

Key Dates: 
20 October: Welcome Jigeiko
21 October: Teams Event
22 October: Open Individual Mens and Open Individual Womens Event

For a detailed schedule please visit:

Please Note:
Competitors must be 18 years or older and AKR/FIK registered.

Open Individual events will be open to all grades.

Teams will consist of 5 players and can include a mix of grades and genders.

Teams can be formed with players from different clubs.

Clubs can register up to two teams. If we there is available space, clubs may be able to register additional teams (we will inform clubs of this closer to the date).

Overseas competitors will require their own insurance.

All participants third dan and higher will be requested to shinpan on the day.

If you are interested in being a shinpan (but not competing) we warmly welcome you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at melbournekendocup@gmail.com

Melbourne Kendo Cup Team 

Melbourne Budokai & Kenshikan Dojo
91 Rosslyn Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003

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