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Greetings MBK Member!!

Last Saturday 16th of July Melbourne Budokai held the 2016 Otsuka Taikai at the Kenshikan Dojo.  As per last year the following events were held

1.  An Iaido Taikai.

2.  Demonstrations of Iaido, Jodo, Isshujiai (Naginata vs Kendo).

3.  A Kendo Taikai.

The event was very much a success and well attended by competitors, demonstrators, spectators, officials and volunteers, who helped make the whole event be exciting and run smoothly.

The results of the taikais are as follows:

Iaido Taikai

2nd Place Team – Team E Members – Derek Dawkins (MBK), Jean Tan (Chikushinkai) and Greg Vercoe (Chikushinkai).

1st Place Team – Team B Members - John McCloskey (Chikushinkai), Justin Durrant (Chikushinkai) and Alex Stock (MBK).



Fighting Spirit Award - Shane McCloskey (Chikushinkai)

Kendo Taikai

2nd Place Team – Team 10 Members – Jaslyn Gray (MUKEN), Winnie Wu (Monash) and Jason Anderson (Mumeishi).

1st Place Team – Team 5 Members – Marc Veenstra (Ballarat), Ryan Chen (Mumeishi) and Julie Tran (MBK).

Fighting Spirit Award - Winnie Wu (Monash)    


Congratulations to all of the above people, and also to all who competed.  They made for exciting matches and great examples of both arts – thank you!!

A big thank you goes to all of the officials and volunteers who helped with the setup of the dojo on Friday night, the running of the whole event and the clean-up at the end.  The help given by all is greatly appreciated and it all made for a smoothly run and successful event.

Thank you to those who partook in the several demonstrations that were held.  

They put on a great example of the arts that are practiced at Melbourne Budokai and all of the dojos that make up the Victorian and Australian renmeis and federations.

Finally, a big thank you goes to all of the spectators who came, watched and supported the competitors and the event as a whole.

We look forward to holding another exciting Otsuka Taikai in 2017, and we hope it will be a bigger and better one.  We hope you can make it.

Cheers and thank you!!

Paul Bserani

Secretary Melbourne Budokai

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West Melbourne VIC 3003

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