2015 Otsuka Taikai Results

Saturday 18th July 2015

Greetings MBK Member!!

Well, What can I say??  What a fantastic Otsuka Taikai for 2015 it was on Saturday the 18th of July! The whole day was simply great.

Thank you to everyone who helped Melbourne Budokai put on a fantastic event. 

This was possible due to the wonderful effort by all the competitors, spectators, shinpans, those who took part in the demonstrations
and of course all of the volunteers who helped run both the Iaido and Kendo taikais. 

A high standard has been set for next year's taikai, which I believe will be the 25th anniversary of the Otsuka Taikai itself. 

I look forward to seeing you all then and to making it bigger and better than this year's.

I would like to thank our special guest this year, The Deputy Consul General of Japan, Mr Takeshi Tanabe for attending the taikai and the dinner held afterwards.

A very big thank you also to Mark Howard and the members of the Seishin dojo for the magnificent gift that was presented - it's very impressive and of a high quality!

Below are the results of the taikais.

Iaido Taikai

1st Place: Team 4 - Dennis Tjong, Maria Santuccio and Paul D'Intino

2nd Place: Team 3 - Brad Roberts, Carl Schaller and Peter Lee


Fighting Spirit Award - Sue Rogers

Kendo Taikai

1st Place: Team 8 - Jamie Shen, Cassandra O'Mara and Julie Tran

2nd Place: Team 2 - Leng Lim, Liliana Bray and Haruki Reid


Fighting Spirit Award - Julie Tran

Cheers and thank you all once again.

Paul Bserani

Secretary Melbourne Budokai

2015 Otsuka Taikai Schedule.pdf

For those curious enough as to what happened at the opening of Kenshikan 25 years ago you can have a look at a

Copy of the Programme of the Opening Ceremony at Kenshikan on 15 July 1990 : -  Kenshikan Opening Programme.PDF

2015 Nagae Taikai Results 

Saturday The 6th June 2015 @ Kenshikan


Greetings everyonel!! 

As you know, Melbourne Budokai hosted the 8th Nagae Taikai on Saturday 6th of June 2015.

The event was a great success thanks to everyone who either competed, assisted, or were spectators. 


All the matches were of a high standard and the spectators were kept entertained.
Well done to all of the competitors!! 


Our congratulations go to the following competitors:


Nagae Taikai  - Results

Winner – Daniel Jeong (MUKEN)

Runner Up – Ken Takekura (MBK)

3rd Place – Yuko Mayumi (MBK)




A big thank you goes to all the people who helped with the running of the taikai and also with the setup (and pack up) of the dojo - it all added up to a successful day. 
Thank you to the senseis and the senior kendoka who were shinpans, etc.  We all know that without them the taikais are not possible. 


Stephen Flahavin

President, Melbourne Budokai


NAGAE TAIKAI UPDATE: Program for Nagae Taikai

- Please read the file -

2015 Nagae Taikai Schedule.pdf 

2015 Nagae Taikai Draw and Rules.pdf


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